We Are celebrating Two Years of that's what she saID™!!!


This fundraising campaign was originally launched on GoFundMe.com on January 26, 2018.


TWSS celebrateD its 2nd anniversary on February 4, 2019

Just two years ago, a few of us got together to experiment in creating a space for women to share their unique journeys with each other.

We believed that the potential impact on our community was awesome, even though we'd never seen anyone try anything like it before.

We also knew we didn't want to "recreate the wheel" by becoming an advocacy group (we live in the Bay Area after all, and the organizations already doing that "real" work are right here!)

We decided to raise funds and awareness for the organizations already doing that amazing work by inviting womxn "speakers" to share their stories at That's What She Said™ on the first Monday of every month...and then by giving each speaker the freedom to highlight a cause or group close to her heart that TWSS™ would promote and accept donations for.

Two years later, and with the help of people like you, TWSS™ SF has donated more than $5,000 to 22 local non profit charity organizations!


Since its inception, That's What She Said™ has been funded by its founding team and profits from sales at The Social Study.

With your financial support, we'll be able to work towards our goal of growing the That's What She Said™ community.

We envision TWSS™ in other cities in the U.S. and around the world, providing spaces where womxn can share their stories safely, consistently, and joyfully--just like TWSS™ SF.

Our birthday wish-list has two big items on it:

1) A stage! Every month, we rent a stage and sound equipment to ensure that the speaker can be seen and heard. This costs us $200/month, plus time and human resources to make sure someone is available to receive the delivery. We're growing up, and we need our own stage for the long haul!

2) A short documentary film! This could tell the TWSS™ story in a really impactful way--and serve as a powerful to take TWSS™ to the next level as we endeavor growth. From pre-production and filming to post-, this project will cost between $1,500 - $2,000.

We are beyond grateful that you are part of the TWSS™ family, and thank you for your support. We are committed to elevating the stories of the amazing womxn in our community and beyond for as long as we can.

We're just getting started!!!


tWSS in the news

"'That's What She Said' shows no signs of slowing down. The group's mission is to make sure the current display of women empowerment is more than just a moment, but the start of fundamental change."

"Clearly, the resistance revolution is more than a hashtag — it’s real and it’s taking place everywhere from the Golden Globes to a tiny cafe on Geary Boulevard."