That's What She Said™ (TWSS™) is an exclusive monthly event created for all womxn by womxn. It was conceptualized by Harmony Fraga and Morgan Shidler, two long-time friends and local Bay Area residents.

Harmony and Morgan wanted to hold a space for womxn to connect--a space that felt, looked, and sounded different than ever before. To them, the way womxn's experiences connected them needed to be honored, nurtured, and shared in a vulnerable yet private space that enabled creativity--and where men were not allowed in order to facilitate a sense of safety for her.

On the first Monday of every month, TWSS™ hosts a strong, powerful Bay Area woman speaker at the womxn-owned establishment The Social Study in San Francisco's Fillmore district.

TWSS™ also shines light on local non-profit charities that are close to the hearts of the speakers; at each event, and we collect donations, including a portion of the evening's bar sales, that are then contributed to the evening's featured organization.


Since 2017, That's What She Said™ SF donated more than $5,000 to 22 local 501(c)3 organizations!


We have supported a broad network of specialized groups that are doing great work to protect, educate, and empower womxn and that take pride in teaching our community about the resources that can assist them in any capacity. 

What would happen in a community where womxn felt safe to share their story and really be listened to?


While it is an explicit goal of That's What She Said™ to feature as many womxn of color as possible, the range of womxn holds no bounds. There is no measure of success, no specific industry, and no  personal achievement required to get on stage. 

We welcome all female identifying, non binary and gender non conforming people.

In addition to Harmony and Morgan, That's What She Said™ is planned, executed, and held by local womxn Meghan Raley Weimer, Erin Lim, Olivia Andreani, Jenny Yang, and Chloe Jackman. As a team of volunteers, the group meets regularly and works individually to ensure each month is unique and meaningful.

They have organized a Facebook group for attendees and past-attendees to stay connected, send out a monthly newsletter, and continue to use their networks to strengthen each installment of TWSS™.